BodyCore Pilates Wirral


So excited to be hosting a whole day of Pilates, posture awareness & self massage with the use of foam rollers & trigger point balls. This day is going to be all about you!!! Please check the link below for more details or call/text our admin team on 07514758505 

One day beginner fast track Pilates workshop!

BodyCore Pilates Wirral  is situated in the seaside village of Hoylake, Wirral, Cheshire. We are a friendly studio where members come to relax, feel at home & at the same time work hard in a lovely environment.

Are you looking towards feeling fitter & healthier? Less aches & pains during everyday activity? Correcting your posture?  Then we can help you. Feeling rusty & stiff? We promise we will get you moving again, less aches & pains plus improvement in sports performance & improvement in just moving!

Over the years we have taught & teach hundreds of people, we have structured our own way of helping individuals move correctly & all this is taught in a step to step way. Anyone new to Pilates the practice is not expected to know every move or do things perfectly. It takes time to re educate the brain, then we move on through the Pilates system. To join our studio you do not need to be strong, flexible, mobile, balance on your big toe or even tie yourself in to a knot. We teach every individual as an individual, from the couch potato to the regular gym bunny. What we do promise is you will improve on all the above 100% we have members to prove it. The BodyCore Pilates way.