BodyCore Pilates Wirral Amanda Fryer-Harris

Amanda Fryer-Harris

Thank you for hitting my page Bodycore Pilates Wirral Amanda Fryer-Harris.

I am a level 3 certified advanced Pilates mat work specialist, Stott reformer instructor, Trigger point Pilates instructor plus recently trained as a Diamond Pilates specialist, specializing in Pelvic floor Function & Dysfunction.

I have been in the fitness industry for twenty years and before that I was in the health and Beauty industry and there found my love of anatomy and physiology so decided to head towards a career in health and fitness & which has led me to the path of physical therapy, putting it simply my mission is to get people moving again in a way we are supposed too.

I completed my ETM (exercise to music) in 1996 and in 1999 completed my gym training & looking back this was just the start to all my continual training to date 2017 where I am still hard at it!

Pilates was not something I had been involved with and didn’t know an awful lot about the practice. That was until 2002 when I was asked to cover a class at short notice only to find out it was Pilates!!!! After finishing a basic stretch class I decided to look into the history and background of Pilates. From that day forward I have never looked back. I did my level 2 mat work Pilates training in 2003 and loved every minute of it! From there I started up a few of my own classes within a few of the top Health clubs in the UK that I already worked in and they went down very well! I now run my own studio in Hoylake “BODYCORE PILATES ™” which is Wirrals only private matwork studio & in its 8th year of running happily. I still have many of my original members coming to my classes regularly and may add these are the people I learn from, more so than any training course could ever give me. Earlier this year we moved to bigger premises still in Hoylake but now on the main road in Market Street, Hoylake, Wirral.

My members are from all walks of life, all ages & all fitness levels. Many come to generally tone and strengthen, increase their mobility & flexibility also to inhance their sports performance in other sports they train in.Then on the other hand many are with me for rehabilitation reasons due to injuries and posture imbalances. What I have noticed more recently is I seem to be having more men in the class! The studio has always been female dominated so seeing more and more men is a great sign especially as men can really benefit from Pilates and lets face it, it’s a man who created this practice!!! !

I am hoping to be teaching Pilates for many years to come and have many more ambitions to fulfill.

My motto is “look after your Body now and it will pay you back 10 fold in your future years to come!”