General Questions & answers on joining a Pilates class.

General Questions & answers on joining a Pilates class.


Will Pilates tone me up?

Yes,Yes,Yes!! Pilates works muscles you didn't even know you had or maybe you had forgotten about, but in the most gentle way you could ever imagine!!! You work from your deepest "inside" muscles to all the muscles that radiate outwards, think of an apple, without the strong core everything would just fall away!! Every move we practice is done with control & precision & only using our own body weight & gravity as resistance.Think Ballet and you will get the idea! Long and lean! I also teach & hold my licence for Body Pump, a world wide known group weight lifting class to music and have done for many years. I know which one i have had the best results from, and with no injurys!!!

Is Pilates a bit like Legs Tums and Bums?

No!! Pilates is a "practice" and is something you learn and continue learning from, from class one! Pilates should become a way of life and the principles you learn in class you then put into your everyday life! Yes you will tone and strengthen all those areas and some, however everything you do in your matwork moves is functional for everyday life...

How long will it take to see and feel results?

Ok, everyone is different, it also depends how often you practice the Pilates principles between classes! I usually, from experience say 6 to 8 weeks of regular weekly sessions! So many of my clients come up to me after a few sessions and say how they are becoming more aware of there posture. Everyone is different, I do tell all my clients that if they maintain weekly Pilates sessions they will see and feel results within 8 weeks! I can only give you this advice from my experience and would love to get my regular clients to voice there opinions!!! Twice weekly sessions are very advisable after you have become accustomed to the practice. As a general rule with Pilates the below follows:

In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you will have a new whole body. Pilates will become a part of your lifestyle.

So what benefits can I expect from Pilates?

Please see below a list of benefits you can achieve with two Pilates classes a week!

  • Full and effective breathing.
  • Decrease lower back pain.
  • Improve circulation and detoxification of tissue.
  • Shape and tone your muscles.
  • Improve your general fitness.
  • Increase spinal strength and flexibility.
  • Increase bone density.
  • Improve pelvic control.
  • Higher levels of energy.
  • Improve body awareness.
  • Improve posture.