At BodyCore Pilates do men practice Pilates?


Can men do Pilates? Another question asked time & time again.

Joseph Pilates was a man so yes the practice is for men.... Try telling this to the New Zealand All Blacks, Premier League footballers, our England Cricket team, or the many more athletes who daily use Pilates in their training programmes.

Even though Joseph Pilates created his practice for men, prisoners of war to be precise. It is perceived as an exercise method for women and therefore is not widely populated by men.

Most men are strong but usually less flexible than women.

The Male pelvis tends to be narrower & slightly longer than the female pelvis so this can be a reason why men struggle with hip mobility. We are all different, all individuals, in my studio I work with body in front of me.

Pilates doesn't have to replace weights or the gym, however after a good Pilates session one can feel many more muscles than in an average gym session.