BodyCore Pilates Class Times

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Please always try and arrive five minutes before class is due to start especially if it's your renewal day. This also gives you chance to settle into class & yes also have a catch up.

All classes are to be pre booked & paid for in advance. Any class changes can be re arranged in the studio during opening hours or in your Pilates class. We no longer allow changes for any reason via email, text, social media or phone.

Courses, workshops & retreat days are all non refundable however with our retreat days & workshops this can be transferred to the next date available if 48 hours notice is given.

If the warm up has already started we are sorry but it is in your own interest that you do not attend the class as the warm up section really is so important mentally & physically. We do not want you to harm yourself as I'm very sure you don't either.

On arrival to the studio, once upstairs we ask all members to remove their outer footwear for hygiene reasons & please wear socks during your lesson. This also allows you to relax once in the studio, we have a designated area for all belongings which is totally secure as the studio is closed once all members are in, if you are worried about your phone please leave it at home. The only other thing we ask is once you enter the studio you leave all your outside worries outside & enjoy your "me time" These rules are for you!!


10:45 AM Mixed Ability9:30 AM Mixed Ability- Advanced09:30 AM Mixed ability10:45 AM Re-Hab (special populations.09:30 AM Mixed Ability
10:45 AM Mixed Ability12:30 PM Mixed Ability
6:00 PM Mixed ability6:00 PM Mixed Ability6pm Women & Weights programme
7:15PM Mixed ability 7:15 PM Beginners

As you will note from classes listed above in the studios that most classes are mixed ability to advanced, this means the class will have some students newer to the practice and some may be more advanced level and able to work at higher level moves. However, all students will have gone through one of our induction days or retreat days & will have been assessed prior to joining.

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