What to wear for Pilates?


During a Pilates session, it is always advisable to wear something that you can move freely in as well as feel comfortable in..... Below I have listed a few examples of ideal clothing.a question we get asked a lot is, What to wear for Pilates? Pilates clothing does not need to be expensive, as long as you feel comfortable & can move then that is the main thing.


  • Tracksuit

  • Leggings

  • Shorts

  • Tee shirt

  • Cropped top


We are sure you get the picture, Do make sure clothing is not too baggy as posture and body alignment are crucial in a Pilates class. As Pilates specialists promoting posture awareness we do need to see full body alignment as well as technique during class as your body movement is observed throughout your session. Fine stripes in clothing are to be avoided also as this again can detract us from seeing body lines.


Footwear is not needed, socks are optional, If you are prone to cramping a light pump or trainer shoe can be worn. We aim to work the muscles and bones of the feet also!


I hope this page on what to wear for Pilates? has helped you..


Always bring a bottle of water, water is available at the studio if you forget! Remember dehydration dries the body out, bones and joints too as well puts strain on our vital organs!!!

Look after your body now and it will pay you back 10 fold in your future years to come!” (1)