Dear Amanda


It has been exactly 18 months since I first dared venture into my first Pilates class at your studios in Hoylake. As one of the very few males and with two very punchy ladies to be taught by, I soon learned to keep quiet, relax and breathe better during your classes. As someone who at the age of 45 had had 2 back operations, two shoulder operations, a false hip, and a hernia, I was more than aware that I needed to start doing things differently! It was my wife who had suggested Pilates and despite my failed attempts at hot yoga previously, I immediately found myself enjoying the noncompetitive and chilled-out atmosphere of a Pilates class. I even managed to continue when I caught Steph in hysterics at my wobbliness during one of her infamous balance classes, not forgetting the numerous bollockings from Amanda for being noisy, doing an exercise to fast or god forbid "forgetting to breathe”. There is still much improvement to be had but I am more confident that I may one day even be able to do a “Seated Mermaid” unaided!


As you know I try to go to your classes upto 5 times a week since January and by doing so I have really seen the difference in what I can do! Now I can squat, I have better balance and only yesterday I lifted several tonnes of sandstone around my garden and woke up the following day with no pain whatsoever. I could not have possibly either done or even dared that 20 years ago, let alone at the age of 51 and it is undoubtedly down to you both and what you have taught my body to be able to do again. I am genuinely eternally grateful to you both and for someone who was asked by all and sundry over the years “How’s your back Jo” I can proudly say that I now rarely give a whingeing response and I may even take up squash again!


I wanted to write this letter to try to tell anyone who thinks in their middle age that you cannot do something because of stiffness, creaking bones, arthritis or some other "old git" ache or pain that in truth anything is possible if you just try, put the time in and have the right people to teach you. Thanks so much to you both for helping me.



Best wishes,

Jo Earlam XX