BodyCore Pilates Beginner course January 13th 2018

By Amanda | December 9, 2017

BodyCore Pilates Beginner course Ever caught your reflection in the shop window or a mirror then thought in horror “is that me?” stooped over, hunched shoulders, you know what I mean. This can all be corrected…

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The Pilates workshop for beginners

By Amanda | August 26, 2017

The Pilates workshop for beginners Our next beginners workshop is the 14th of October  2017, 10.30 am to 14.30. Your investment for our 4 hour half day beginners workshop is £45.00 By the end of…

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One day Pilates retreat for beginners

By Amanda | August 14, 2017

A one day Pilates retreat for beginners on Saturday the 19th of August 2017. Just “YOU TIME”  learning the fundamentals of Pilates & posture, learning how to strengthen & tone your body, increase bone density,…

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Over 25 years in the fitness industry

Posture problems, back pain, feel stiff, sluggish plus want to feel younger? Is this you? We are here to help.

By Amanda | January 28, 2017

Short on time but really want to fast track into the Pilates practice then this one day workshop is for you. Saturday 25/02/17 @ 9.30 am to 16.30   The day will be broken down…

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