Why you should be preparing for the ski season with Pilates

I recently contributed to a blog on Pilates for skiing for Mountain Heaven, who offer ski chalets in France. Pilates is a great exercise for preparing for the ski season as it works on so many aspects that are important for skiers.

This post will inform you as to why you should be preparing for the ski season with Pilates.

Pilates helps you with your technique, posture, strength, balance, agility, mobility, flexibility, post activity recovery, and keeps you ahead of your game. Skiing engages muscles in the body that you simply don’t use every day, which is why regularly practicing Pilates all-year round will help make sure you’re definitely in good shape. Useful for those last-minute ski holidays!

Vicki from Mountain Heaven has recently started Pilates beginners classes with me, and she took a moment to give some feedback, “So three weeks into my Pilates beginners classes what do I think?… Well I have to say that even after my first class I became much more aware of my posture and balance, I now find I’m not slouching as much and learning to engage my muscles (even the ones I didn’t know I had).

“It also takes real concentration, so the class allows me to focus and stop thinking about all I need to do for Mountain Heaven, the kids etc. It’s MY time.

“I’m really looking forward to learning more, building that all-important core strength and seeing the results on the slopes.”

So come on, ‘Why would you not do Pilates to help with your skiing, are you crazy?!’ Check out my class times if you’re interested in getting prepped for the ski season with Pilates.