Pilates for everyday life

This last few weeks we have really been focusing on Pilates for everyday life & the way we can use Pilates for functional everyday movement of our bodies, after all isn’t that what exercise is all about?  Somehow we have got into the mindset of training to tone up & slim down. Are we not supposed to be training to be “fit for life” This is where BodyCore Pilates steps in. We run all our courses from beginner level upwards to whatever level you wish to achieve,be it stay as you are & maintain what we have taught you or move to an advanced level! Maybe you are training for an event.? Maybe you are training to have the most perfect posture you can have or maybe your posture has just become slumped & you need correction. Whatever your need, be it for pleasure, hard training, relaxation, health issues. We at BodyCore assure you we can help! Get intouch & we will do our best to get you fighting fit for life:-)